Robotic arm used through direct neural stimulation

I thought this was pretty cool… researchers have been able to implant a chip on the surface of the brain, allowing a quadriplegic to directly control a robotic arm as though it were his own.

Hemmes, paralyzed in a motorcycle accident seven years ago, recently made a robotic arm move just by thinking about it. Hemmes had a chip implanted on the surface of his brain that reads his intention to move his paralyzed arm and sends that instruction instead to an advanced bionic arm.

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Amazing. Now THAT would be a job worth working at. As the article states, the technology is years from commercial, but wow, that redefines the concept of human-machine interface.

30 years ago, as an engineering student, I took a course in Biomedical engineering. Fascinating how the body-as-a-machine works, and back then The Problem was just that: How to control whatever robotic thingus that was developed. I’m very gratified to see how much headway they’ve made.

Nice post!

This documentary deserves mention too. It delves into eyes and legs as well. Adam Jensen (or The Six Million Dollar Man for those who haven’t played DXHR) is not very far off. The optical nerve system being improved is just a manner of reducing size and increasing resolution. I could see realistic limbs in 25 years.