Robotic Car Storage

Check out this 20 story robotics car tower Volkswagen has! It is pretty sweet.

Whoa now thats cool, how about one for crate storage, so that the flaws of human motion stop breaking them

notice how the floor is sloped tward the walls so the cars dont fall out

How come mechanical engineers in Germany get to have so much fun when designing car factories? :wink:](

That thing reminds me of the 60/254 ball grabber of 2004.

It all seems like good clean fun until someone drops a Phaeton 65 meters.

This is why I am going to do a study abroad in Germany someday for mechanical engineering. :slight_smile:

I never thought that German would be such a good language for my future career when my class voted to study it in 6th grade.
Now, if only they had offered Mandarin Chinese!

Those Germans have been at it for years. This Photo shows a smart tower - the first one I saw was near Stuttgart back in 1999 or so.


They definitely like to show off thier talents, especially in the automation field.
I’ve seen some incredible stuff designed for the injection molding business that originated over there. Some of it will be on display during the National Plastics Expo (NPE) being held this June at McCormick Place in Chicago.

I should just ask my company for a 6 month transfer to the headquarters in Austria. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got that in an e-mail. I wasn’t sure if it was true or not. Very cool though! You definitely have to hand it to the Germans for their engineering talents.

Sweet, no more parking fender-benders! :smiley:

Really! :stuck_out_tongue: