Robotic Football League

I stumbled upon this and I found it very interesting. I am really thinking about getting something going for the Rochester, NY area. How many people in the FIRST world would be interested in this?

that would be fun, if you could build your own robot, from a kit like FIRST does it,

maybe on a slightly larger scale too…

They do, they have basic level robot kits and you can upgrade with better motors, wheels and batteries and such. It’s very fascinating.

I just was amazed when the red one made a complete pass:D

human size would be a bit too much though

that was really cool watching. If I had people to play with and $120 laying around, I’d jump on board.

ya i found this a little while ago to (i was watching this at the time and i thought it looked really cool but they are going to have TM/CR issues with the Robot Fighting Leauge

Yeah, I found the link off of the Robotic Fighting League forum. The president from the fighting league already had talked to the football league and they are both happy, so nothing will come of it.