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Hello! I’m an FRC senior working on a project for an engineering capstone course. I’m currently working on a cheaper robotic vacuum (similar to a Roomba) for machine shops and other industrial areas. Part of our research requirements is ot publish a survey to get an idea of what consumers want from our products. This is a quick survey, that shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time, and any feedback you guys have on the survey is useful because I have never written one before. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and feedback on my project!

Link to the survey:

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I know I would love to have something like this in the AndyMark machine shop. The biggest thing I can think of for this product would be something that had the ability to be high capacity, but still figure out how to get it in tight spaces/under objects. Chips get everywhere after all.

Don’t forget to consider various types of ergonomic mats/stands. Based on normally sweeping those generally give the most hang ups. Especially if it is one of wooden pallet stands then chips and stuff will just fall in between the slats.

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One thing not listed: Material recovery. It’s great to have something to clean up the dust and scraps that fall on the floor, but it’d be even better if it could sort out the nuts and bolts that get dropped as well, so we can return those to our stock.

That could be remedied with a magnet at the front i think. roomba actually made something for garages called the dirt dog, but its long discontinued.

Stools! Stools as far as the eye can see!

You get the idea, we have a lot of stools to contend with. We can put those on top of the tables, but we can’t put the tables on top of the stools on top of the tables.

I had a vacbot at home that did random patterns and would always get stuck in the dinning room. We returned it 2 weeks later.

Makita has one

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