Anybody watch Robotica last night? It was the season premiere. They’ve stepped up the challenges a lot this year too. I thought it was all right, but that the KaNuckle Buster should’ve gone all the way - it just seemed to be a much better bot all around but was unlucky when it lost a drive chain in the second round. And for all you guys who don’t like battlebots because of the “violence,” there still is a lot of contact, but robots remain intact at the end of the day and teams have to complete a variety of different tasks.

~Tom Fairchild~, who thinks that Robotica isn’t all that bad.

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**~Tom Fairchild~, who thinks that Robotica isn’t all that bad. **

My, that’s a raving endorsement!:smiley:

I got home at about 11pm. I took a quick shower, watched 5 minutes of Robitica, then went upstairs and watched Leno.

Oh, but the match I saw was the Gauntlet match with KaNuckle Buster. That was cool. Reminds me of the original Robot Wars.

hmmmmm, was the original Robot Wars the show with house bots? like matilda? I don’t remember much else, if that is in fact the show, except for me loving it :slight_smile: