ROBOTICON 2021 Virtual CAD Challenge: Q&A

If you have any questions this is where the members of the GDC will be watching. Please keep any and all questions pertaining to the ROBOTICON 2021 CAD Challenge in this post!

Can I add more members to my team?

Yes! We welcome anyone and everyone who would like to be able to participate. The list of members is mainly there to ensure we have the ability to contact you if needed, so you can add as many more people as you want!

Do you have CAD models of CORNER HOLES and FLAGSTICKS? I did not find these two parts in the download link you posted earlier.

The CORNER HOLES and FLAGSTICKS are included in the full FIELD .step file.

Thanks, I have found the model of these parts, something going wrong with my Solidworks, It’s load completely after open the file several times.

Could I get a bit more info on how the FLAGSTICKS portion of the game works?

Also, does it have to have the ftc control system to count as a minibot?

Yes, the MINIBOT must use the FTC control system as detailed in section 8.3

In the Game Manual under 4.4.3 FLAGSTICK Scoring…


A MINIBOT must be placed onto the FLAG POLE below the gray tape, as this marks the DEPLOYMENT ZONE, and fully detached from the ROBOT before it is allowed to move

A MINIBOT is considered PARKED if, five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0) following TELEOP, it is fully supported (either directly or transitively) by the FLAG POLE and not in contact with another MINIBOT or FLAG POLE

A MINIBOT is considered ASCENDED if it is anywhere FULLY above the STARTING TAPE. A MINIBOT that meets the requirements of ASCENDED and FLAG HOISTED will only receive the points for ASCENDED. However, a MINIBOT that meets the requirements for FLAG HOISTED, and then exits the HOISTING ZONE five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0) following TELEOP, will NOT receive points for FLAG HOISTED

Additionally else where in the manual, specifically R9 under 8.3:

A MINIBOT must fully be within the HOISTING ZONE in order to begin HOISTING THE FLAG. If the MINIBOT is not within the HOISTING ZONE during or after the FLAG has been HOISTED, the FLAG will not be considered HOISTED

So a piece of metal hanging from the bar wouldn’t count? If so, how much of the ftc control system needs to be there to be counted as a MINIBOT?

The MINIBOT must be FULLY controlled as if it were an FIRST Tech Challenge Competition ROBOT.

That includes, and not limited to, requiring a PHONE, BATTERY CASE, CONTROL HUB, and anything else that is legally allowed to control an FTC Robot.

If the MINIBOT does not move, then it does not need a control system, if it does, then it requires the FTC control system.

Where is the submission? I do not see it under the Release thread. I may just be blind, but figured I would ask.

It will be released soon! Sorry for the wait!

No problem. I was just anxious that I wouldn’t find it in time.

Sorry about that busy college student life.

Just so you guys know. I am super lax about this CAD challenge submission as well. We are gonna be judging until we stream on October 29/30.

I’m curious, how many teams are signed up?

Last I checked I believe I have 6 teams submitting to this CAD Challenge fully.