Depot Dash the first ever CAD Challenge for ROBOTICON !

In light of the interesting circumstances brought in by 2020, ROBOTICON has gone virtual! With this we have come up with a CAD Challenge created by a group of fellow FIRST participants that have a history in Computer Aided Design and participation in other CAD events as well as Bryan Bautista, a ROBOTICON event planner. They have created a never before seen game concept for the ROBOTICON 2020 CAD Challenge.

Sign-up to get personalized feed-back, tips and tricks on CAD Design, and a chance to create the best design for this year’s CAD Challenge. The CAD Challenge, open for all ages up through high school, objectives:

  • Create a robot to compete in the hypothetical game that has been created by our game designers.
  • Complete the scouting sheet with a description of your robot and strategy
  • Stay within the constraints of the game manual presented
  • Make sure all participants are of student age
  • Most importantly, have fun

ROBOTICON 2020 CAD Challenge Rules:

  • Robot must be submitted in one of the listed formats stated.
  • Parasolid binary files, .x_b
  • STEP, .stp
  • Onshape hyperlink
  • Team size can be any number of participants, however, all active participants making parts for the robot must be student aged.
  • Software and mechanical/electrical designs created prior to the event are only permitted if the source files (complete information sufficient to produce the design) are available publicly.

The CAD Challenge is currently timed to run from November 7th, 2020 at 12:00 PM until November 14th, 2020 at 11:59PM. At the end, we need your robot submitted as well as the scouting document. Once all submissions are judged we will have an event that will be going through the individual robots giving advice and critiques from our judge panel where we will also announce the winners of the ROBOTICON 2020 CAD Challenge. There will be prizes!

Register by Friday, Nov 6 at ROBOTICON 2020 CAD Challenge

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what time zone are these times in?

EST - Sorry forgot to include that.

How do we submit our CAD files?

Walter, next time make sure your question goes onto the Question and Answer Forum. We did answer this question there. On Sunday night at 8PM EST, I will have a form the will be opening on the ROBOTICON website that will be for the submissions.

Ah sorry about that, thanks for helping out!

Here’s the pit scouting sheet, sorry for the delay! You’ll need to go to file > make a copy and then fill it out as applicable

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