Robotics After Hours

In the Robotics After Hours list under the behavioral symptoms it says “Failing miserably at keeping Tony from doing anything stupid.” We currently have a Tony on our team and were wondering how many other teams have a Tony. Their name doesn’t have to be Tony for them to be a "Tony.:

Our “tony” used the last dremel cut off disk to cut all of the aluminum cans in the recycling bin in half. At least he didn’t cut the bin itself in half, I suppose.

Our “Tony” started to polish a Bridgeport.

Our’ s worked a 75 hour week at work last week in addition to helping us out with programming. Thank goodness for dedicated mentors!

We have two Tony’s on our team. One took about 2 hours to file down one piece for the robot and the other likes to over tighten bolts to the point that they snap.

Our Tony on our team talks a lot and has a habit of becoming extremely sidetracked. He is now a senior and has learned a lot in the four years he has been in robotics. The only computer he is aloud to touch is the oldest one that can barely have internet because it get a lot of viruses. He is most famous for singing “Yellow Submarine”

It is going to be sad when our Tony graduates this year because then we will have no one to laugh at and laugh with.