Robotics At It's Best!

Fine robotics will be on display beginning early Wednesday morning at about 4:14AM EDT from outer space.

From the NASA website:

During the spacewalk, Mission Specialist Steve Robinson will venture under the Shuttle on the tip of the International Space Station’s robotic arm, locate the protrusions and gently tug until they come out. If that does not work, Robinson will have tools to cut off the protrusions.

You may want to set your Tivo’s to record this huge event. This kind of stuff is still exciting to me as I grew up at the beginning of the space program and the USA’s space missions are a major event highlight of my life.

With God’s help all of our astronauts will come home safely and we will return to space soon.


It worked! The filler was simply pulled out, no hacksaw needed. Now NASA has another concern: a “blanket” under the commander’s window was damaged, so now they decide what to do about that. Hopefully, that’s the last thing before landing.

Yep, glad to see that they were successful with out having to even cut it out. I don’t know if they ended up using duct tape since they just pulled it out, but I saw the cutting tool that they put together out of two tools and some duct tape, proving once again it’s infinite usefulness. :smiley: