Robotics at UCF

Hi. My name is Andres. The student chapter at IEEE is looking to find incoming freshmen who are interested in working on robotics projects at University of Central Florida(home of southeast regional). IEEE is also looking to start a high school out reach program using sumo-bots. This might be a really good pre-FIRST experience for some high schoolers.

I am also considering starting a generalized robotics club at UCF, if time and resources allow. There has not been a robotics organization at UCF for 2 years.

If you are a attending UCF in the fall, and are interested in joining a robotics club or working on robots in college, please reply to this thread or email me at [email protected] .

I will put you on a mailing list and try my best to keep you up to date on robotics projects at UCF. The first one starts this summer but I have been told that it is possible to work on it even after it has started. Other projects should come in the future.