Robotics Chants

What are your Chants and cheers for robotics competitions?
For team 174…we have a number of simple ones…

Shouting 1-7-4 and rapidly increaseing in speed

One person says “Arctic” others answer with “Warriors”

If we lose a match and we expected it, we call out “We’ll be back!”


After the trumpet call to start a match, we shout “SNOWBALL FIGHT!” That was big this year and many aliance teams joined us when we called it. Expecially 272 when we were in the finals.

We didn’t use it yet, but we have a long chant that goes like this. We took the tune from a song in the show Lazy Town:

And we say go go! clap clap stomp Get it together!
Big Chill is bringing the blizzard out
And we say go go! clap clap stomp Sing it together!
174’s gonna scream and shout.

well when I was on 1296 my favorite was

“lets go schrembo” clap clap**clap clap clap

. . . . I also liked saying “12 - 9 - 6 represent”

and there was a point when our auto code was go really really fast forward . . so we all yelled “Ludicrous speed. go!” at the beginning of the match

as for what 1745 will be shouting this year . . no idea. “17-45 in the hizzy” just doesnt work . . Air Raid doesnt really rhyme with any thing. so far all we have is dancing like idiots to the music.

“Eight-Five-Seven” clap clap clapclapclap



We have a few more written down that we haven’t used yet; I’ll post them when I get home. :slight_smile:

i think the best chanting team in first is moe hands down.


One person: Give me an A!
Group: A!
One Person: Give me an A!
Group: A!
One Person: Give me an A!
Group: A!
One person: What’s that spell?

Scream A continously

A…E…I…O…U…Sometimes Y

Chant A

Chant 862 PS2

Chant Gigawatt

One Person: Everywhere we go!
Group: Everywhere we go!
One Person: People want to know!
Group: People want to know!
One Person: Who we are!
Group: Who we are!
One Person: Where we come from!
Group:Where we come from!
One Person: So we tell them!
Group: So we tell them!

When YMCA is playing sing YMC and Scream A.

We usually do the “five-eighty-nine”!!! but lately it has been “defense! defense! defense!” or “offense! offense! offense!”
It matches this game, maybe even next year :smiley: you never know

we’re not original…yet anyway…during pittsburgh there was 1038 1038 1038 1038…and we’d put, for example, 888 888 and even 888 and 1038, then for moe we’d go let’s go more let’s go…stomp stomp. yeh…unoriginal of course. at BMR, whenever they played the hey song instead of yelling HEY, we yelled HAWKS…HAWKS. we also did THUNDER…stomp stomp…THUNDER. we also had a lot of yelling of who dey and who rah at each regional.

i do not know why by screaming 3-4-oh? makes the kids go nuts.

Hehe here are some of ours:

(answers) “7-7-2!!!”

We are the Sabres-Two!
I still can’t hear you-Three!
A little bit louder-More! more! more! more!”
(and then it gets louder every time)

"Sabres, sabres!
- WHAT?!

Sabres, sabres!
- WHO?!

Sabres, sabres!
- HUH?! Seven Seven Two!!"

And if team 188 is around…
Us: “One eighty-eight! We think you’re great!”
Team 188 Answers: “Seven seven two! Same to you!”

And we basically spend all of our time in the stands coming up with new ones haha, but those are ones we do quite often. We also do the standard team-number cheering for ourselves and other teams. Haha wow… I can’t wait to do all of this cheering again this week in Mississauga!

Lazy Town’s a great show! (don’t ask). but good chants. MOE also has some pretty catchy chants.

We don’t really chant, we just yell. However, at VCU during the elims we chanted “5-5-5” or “555 deal” since our alliance was 510 587 540, hence we stole the name of the Dominoes deal.

we didnt have one but it was yelling DEFENSE everytime our auto worked this past weekend in eliminations for the whole match, when auto worked, things were good.

you forgot the grand finale… it should go:

A…E…I…O…U… and sometimes Y, but mostly:

And, a new one this year, which has nothing to do with our team name or number, but quite a lot to do with the actual members of our team:

ADD! ADD! ADD! ADD! Ooooooooooooooh! Robots!

Here’s one that’s dated back to 2002 and possibly before then.

Our team used to have a pair of enormous 2 1/2 inch wrenches and the whole team would break out repeating “Wrench” gradually getting faster until the wrenches were then struck together.

The student with the 2 1/2 inch wrenches graduated and now we have enormous adjustable wrenches.

Oh yea…I hear that.

We did a whole bunch of stuff that made no sence at all.

Person - “Chuck!”
Crowd - “Norris!”

Person - “Senseless!”
Crowd - “Noice!”

We’d shout “Tacos!” a lot too.

One of our team member’s, his last name is Hoag…so one chant was…

blue/red alliance clap clap clapclapclap


p t ero dact y l

6 9 4 6 9 4 6 9 4

Our team doesn’t really have a chant, but we all do the “penguin dance” whenever the Penguinbot does something cool or if we’re on the big screen.

-Chant ‘537’ over and over again
-Here we go big red, here we go
-Robots, robots here our cry, we’re all gonna aim real high! Robots, robots here our cheer, sportsmanship is up in here!
-that’s all right, that’s okay, we still love you anyway!Goooooo chargers! (when we lose)
-Hey Chargers! How do you feel?
We feel good, oh we feel so good
Oh Oh Oh
-And, we’re marching…to the beat…to the beat…to the beat
I said, let me hear your charger pride
What’s that you say
I said, let me hear your charger pride
What’s that you say
I said go chargers, go chargers, go chargers go
I said go chargers, go chargers, go chargers go!

We have a lot of cheers.

Mike Walker: Oink, oink!
Team: BOOM!
Mike Walker: Oink, oink!
Team: BOOM!
Mike Walker: Oink, oink!
Team: BOOM!
Dan Richardson: Remix!
Team: BOOM! Shacka-lacka-shacka-lacka-shacka-lacka…

I loved the penguin dance, best part about that regional(which ever one it was).