Robotics Class Assignments

If robotics is a class at your school, what are the assignments you have to do for the class. We have to keep an “engineering notebook” with all the drawings and calculations for everything. This is acceptable. We also have to log all our time. I think this is outrageous because if I spend all my time logging my time, I wouldn’t have any time to spend. It really does take too much time to keep track of your time.

The thing that bugs me most is this: the report (bum bum bum)

An important part of your final grade in Robotics will be the written report, to be included in your engineering notebook. The written reports will be compiled to make a team report for the 2003 season and should be an aid to future Clark Robotics teams.

The written report should be word processed and checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Your rough draft is due when you board the bus to go to Phoenix or the following Monday if you don’t go to Phoenix. It will be included as part of your notebook at that time. It must address the following themes.

What I contributed to the Robotics Team this season. Be specific.

What I learned this season. (Be specific. . .math, science,
engineering, software. . .be specific within the specifics).

Pluses(+s): Discuss the things that the team did well this year. (Your
subsystem, the team as a whole)

Deltas: Discuss the things that need to be improved or changed next
year. (Your subsystem, the team as a whole)

It’s not the report that bugs me so much, it’s the due date. BEFORE PHOENIX! :mad: (which is our first event) I think this whole report thing arose out of the newbies on our team having nothing to do. But we have so much to do as a team in these 2weeks before Phoenix.

Clean the workroom
Make inspection checklists
Organize and pack tools
Finish control board
Have driver tryouts
Driver practice

How can you even make a good report without having the robot play in a real match? The season has just begun!!!

If the newbies are so bored, don’t you think it would be much more benificial and exciting for them to mess around with the extra kit parts or the EduBot.

Please tell me your team has these academic horrors too. My interpretation of the spirit of FIRST does not include unneccessary assignments such as these. What do you think?

If we had a robotics class, we would have to do a paper. In our school district it is required that you do either a speech or a paper in **every single class **


No matter whether it is sewing or photography or band.

*ends personal anti school district rant

Well, like I said, we don’t have a robotics class.
But I agree with you that an essay should not be required. If they want people to write something have everybody submit a chairmans award paper (well too late for that) or something constructive.