Robotics coach / teaching positions - applicant pool?

Is anyone familiar with hiring a robotics coach for a school? How large is the applicant pool for those type of positions? Are a lot of qualified applicants? If so, are people willing to relocate for such a job? Thanks in advance.

Is this a school administrator looking for info? If so you are awesome. What would be the "season "?
I think most schools look within. ( I teach tech ed and coach one of our teams.)
Qualities :
Must be able to pass background check
Must want to teach kids (not do everything for them)
Must be good at managing ppl (kids and adult mentors)
Should know community ( sponsors, mentors, suppliers )
Must be willing to recruit ( students and mentors )
Should be willing to put in a LOT of time during build season. ( most successful teams go year around )
Must be able to plan and organize

Are you talking about just a teacher for a competitive robotics team, or a teacher at a school that also mentors a team? I can only comment on the first. So assuming that, for me, it was all about connecting with the right people. I had a principle’s child on one of the FLL team’s I started, and she wanted to bring the program to her school, so that’s where it started. From there I started a company that focuses on competitive robotics coaching.

It all snowballed after that, leading to more contracts from principles wanting the same types of programs at their schools. I would suggest you reach out to the principle and figure out what they are looking for. For example, if a teacher was looking for someone to help jumpstart, or begin a robotics program, then a background or strength in fundraising and student engagement/acquisition would come in handy.

I hope that helps a little bit, also I should note that I don’t work for any FRC teams anymore, only volunteer. The main programs that I’ve found a lot of work are VEX and FLL, so my personal experience may vary.

If you’re interesting in talking more let me know!