Robotics Content ... I Need More

now’s the perfect time to start designing a 3lb combat robot! there are plenty of how to videos on youtube
(that’s what i’m doing)


I’m teaching myself how to use CAD. My team hasn’t put anything into CAD in around 4 years since only one of our mentors had the knowledge to do so. I was able to get a free version of Fusion360 through the Autodesk website that I have been messing around with over the past few days.


I’ll recommend a few of my favorite technical YouTube channels:

James Burton: Designs, builds, and programs his own robotics projects

Marble Machine X: Giant marble powered music machine.

Project Binky: Two British Champs attempt to fit a Toyota Celica engine into a Mini Cooper. Lots of tea is consumed along the way.

This Old Tony: General machining tomfoolery.

Clickspring: Simply breathtaking machining.

Frank Howarth: Extremely skilled craftsmanship with wood.


177 celebrated 25 years last summer. You might enjoy our celebration video as well as the rest of our channel, and @Jake177 's channel. He’s got a ton of old highlight videos.


I would also recommend Onshape if you’re going to CAD. 4272 started using it this year. I personally like it.

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The New Cool by Neal Bascomb is a good read, it follows the 2009 season, predominantly in the perspective of 1717.

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@Katie_UPS and I have talked about writing some more scouting/strategy content along the lines of Gettin Picky. If anyone has any ideas for things they’d like to see or learn more about, let me know.


This is a post from a few years ago, but still some fun robot videos.

The “Big Brain Theory” is online for streaming on Discovery:

Should be good for a night of binge watching. I wish they hadn’t killed the show.

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I spent a summer once just going through match videos on The Blue Alliance. Watch Einstein matches, watch division elims, watch district champs. Expose yourself to some of the really cool and effective designs that have already been made, so you can apply that knowledge to future games.

(but do non-robotics stuff too, that is also very important)


+1 on all of these recommendations.

Also, design and build a small battlebot! 1lb and 3lb bots aren’t super expensive, and are a lot of fun.

Any links to the battle bots?

1lb robots are antweights, 3lb are beetleweights. You’d be shocked how hard a well built antweight can hit. Here’s a beetleweight video for fun, and there’s a ton of content on youtube.

Riobotz (the team behind Minotaur) has the definitive combat robot guide, if you really want to dig in.

I’ve only built one combat robot (last year), but it was a ton of fun. Highly recommend it.

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I’m not a fan of game threads but I am a fan of puzzles, so here you go - an excuse to scour the internet:

I’m thinking about doing some critical reviews of science fiction. After all, hawking himself said that science-fiction is often science-future.

Like omg—South Korea has a 1984-big-brother-esque smartphone app that monitors and tracks her citizens who are in mandatory quarantine.

This might be the best time to take a minute to ponder the benefits, drawbacks and unknowns of AI and robotics. has sumo robots you can battle on fridays from 1-9pm eastern time

Gonna add my mechanics to the list. He does a lot of restoration videos of old and rusty tools, while the whole video is just the sounds of the machines and him working.

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I second that opinion, 1912 also switched over to Onshape. Although there are some minor annoyances, being able to CAD with other people is really helpful.

My left ear is lonely

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