Robotics Coordinator for School District

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Does your school district have a robotics coordinator or similar position for the district? Or, do you know of any districts that have a robotics coordinator or similar position?

I am currently working on my grad school research in regards to robotics and transition to college/university. I am also working on a side project about leadership in school districts in regards to robotics, etc within the district.


I believe you will find one such position in Canada. Only one, unfortunately, because the three people I know who have fulfilled this role have made a huge impact right across the country and not just in their own district. I believe Mark Breadner (2008 Woodie Flowers Award Recipient) was the first one to take on this demanding task.

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There are several people in districts across Canada who have taken on leadership roles regarding robotics in their district on a volunteer or informal basis… and not always with FIRST affiliated programs, naturally… but I believe there is only one offical position recognized by a school board in the whole country.


In Goochland County, robotics falls under the umbrella of special education and enrichment. That gives us one person at our central office as a contact person for all eight FIRST teams in the county. She is also the one who works on grant writing and institutional fund raising.

Thank you for the information.

I am working on a position to work with k-12 teachers and schools within my district. My administration is encouraging me to consider a science coordinator position along with the robotics. I am working on and proposing a robotics position for a half a day and teaching for a half a day.

I will follow up and post updates.


I believe Karen Rosenthal, our Regional Director, is actually employed by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to be the “FIRST Robotics Administrator”. She may be a good person to contact about your project.