I’m a machine shop teacher and Im looking into redirecting my curriculum to include more robotics. Does anyone have any blue prints or sketches of any devices that they used on any past robots? If so can you e-mail them to us. I have a group of students that the more traditional shop projects will not interest them. This is also a great way to promote excitement in my program.
Out team e-mail is [email protected]

have you look into the rec (robotics engineering curriculum) program from intelitek.

Team 987 has three robotics classes at our school here in Vegas im sure our metors/advisors would share our curriculum with you…
We teach mainly vex in our classes along with the basics of gear reductions, electronics, and programming. This year we were able to have 13 teams in our competition with about 3 students on each team.

We have two challenges during the course of the year (one each semseter)
we would do more but we meet every other day at our school

I guess what I’m looking for is machining projects such as a telescoping device, an arm with a limit switch, a turret and other such devices. I’ll take any type sketch or autoCad file. My goal this summer is to gather as many ideas for next fall. One thing I’m doing is taking as much video and digital pics as possible of devices at rumbles and giving them to my drafting dept to design.