Robotics Director Needed in Southern California

The Palmdale Aerospace Academy is looking for a new Robotics Director!

The Robotics Director will: oversee a staff of 6 other coaches, be responsible for teaching 4 periods of PLTW courses (Comp Sci and CIM), 1 Robotics course and have 1 period as a “release” period for robotics.

For information about applying, please contact Principal Chris Fore at [email protected].

The Palmdale Aerospace Academy’s robotics program allows students, mentors and their family members to work toward a common goal of designing, building, marketing, and operating a competitive robot in a business-like environment while supporting the ideals of FIRST.

Program History

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC): Our robotics program started soon after the opening of TPAA. The first meeting of our FRC team, Team 5012 Gryffingear, happened in December 2012 with about 30 students. Since then, the program has grown to 50+ students a year. It has been supported financially and with mentors from NASA, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, the City of Palmdale, and many other local organizations. In 2015, Gryffingear was a member of the World Champion alliance.

With TPAA’s move to a new campus in 2017, Robotics was provided with a custom-designed workshop. Equipment includes 3D Printers, a CNC, a mini mill, a laser cutter, and lots of other tools and workspace. Upstairs is classroom space with laptops.

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC): TPAA started one FTC team in 2013. Since then, the FTC program has grown with 3-5 teams a year of 7th-12th graders. TPAA has hosted FTC tournaments since 2016 and maintains a closer relationship with the Los Angeles FTC Program Delivery Partner.

Founded not long after the establishment of the Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Gryffingear has evolved into a large team. With over 40 members, we have quite the work force. All these members have made the hierarchy really work. This team has different committees, all with leads. All of our committees and members are CPR certified and CAD able. Over half of these people have experienced our pre-rookie year, which was a year dedicated to gaining experience through scouting local teams. We’ve been through a lot in the past four years. Gryffingear’s mission statement is to further students’ experience in practical, project-based learning, and receive mentoring by local engineers and volunteers. We participate in all aspects of a competitive FIRST Robotics Team as a part of membership with FIRSTINSPIRES, and its organized activities, clinics, and competitions. We strive to become involved with neighboring middle and elementary school participation in the FIRST Lego League

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Comp Sci and CIM is an interesting blend for one teacher. I’m not sure how common that sort of schedule is, but I bet there’s only a handful of people that can do it well.

Valid points! The teaching schedule for the day IS negotiable. We do not have to hire this blend, it is simply what the schedule is now for our teacher leaving.

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