Robotics Engineering Curriculum - DEMO

Here is link to instructions on running the REC Demo.

Product Information on REC.

It’s fun with a purpose! If you’re a teacher leading a robotics class, a parent who wants to learn with your child about robotics, or a mentor of a FIRST Robotics Team, this is the course ofr you.

The course offers:

  • Comprensive on-line interactive material
  • Hands-on activities that you can print out and use
  • In-depth projects with rubrics
  • Competitions for in-classroom use
  • Assessments and reviews
  • Standards and mappings
  • Teacher/mentor guides
  • Built-in support for beginning and advanced students
  • 75-hour semester class
  • and much, much more…

Whats Covered
Semester One
Introduction to Robotics
Introduction to Vex Programming
Physics and Robotics
Arms and End Eff­ectors
First Semester Project

Semester Two
Introduction to Electronics
Mechanical Properties
Advanced C Programming (Including PID Control)
Industrial Robotic Arms
Advanced Mechanics
Second Semester Project

This course was designed by educators for educators. Your students will become capable, confident robot designers and creators in record time.

REC uses an amazing new concept in classroom presentation, the Intelitek Learning Loop. By providing a controlled amount and sequence of self-paced core material, activities, projects, on-line research and assessments, your students never get bogged down. This ensures that there’s a predictable and healthy rhythm to your classes, which is essential to keeping the level of interest and enthusiasm high at all times.

You’ll quickly discover that with the Intelitek Learning Loop, students learn because they WANT TO, not because they HAVE TO.

Based upon the VEX robotics system, the EasyC™ programming language and companion Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC) are fully endorsed by FIRST, VEX, ITEA, Microchip, and Innovation First, Inc.