Robotics Instruction - Online/Hybrid Classroom Version

I’m facing the task of preparing curriculum for online/hybrid robotics instruction for our school’s “Robotics Lab” course. I need to have some lessons ready by mid-August for an online version of a course that is heavily based on FRC designs and components. The course is for high school students.

We may have a hybrid teaching situation this fall allowing for some in person training but the way Covid cases are rising here in Utah we may very well be 100% online.

I’ve done some searching on Chief for curriculum and found some, but it assumes in-person teaching modalities that we took for granted in the good old days of the pre-Covid era.

Any connections to teams/people developing adapted FRC-based curriculum to meet the online/hybrid challenge would be appreciated.

Also: if you have a favorite teaching video/slidedeck of FRC components, please do share. I know there must be a number of them out there.



My team created a whole (luckily) online CAD course last year that is catered to FRC that we are offering to students again this summer: I know you were asking for a full-on robotics FRC course, but doing something along the lines of CAD could definitely be useful since it requires people to be at home at their computers anyway and is certainly important for FRC.

Thank you. Your CAD curriculum looks really well thought out and detailed. I like how well it is organized and presented.

It would be great if the CD community collaborated in an effort to provide the same high level of quality instruction for control, electrical, pneumatics, mechanical, sensors. I remember encountering on CD in the last year or two a really great slide deck that was quite comprehensive. And I know there are videos from various teams covering a variety of skills.

I predict this fall and winter a lot of team leaders will be looking for such resources to help their teams keep developing skills while in online/hybrid school.

(and then we all get vaccinated just in time for a full FRC competition season. Right?)

James, Are you looking for curriculum?
I am in the same situation. I teach programming, robotics and cybersecurity. Teaching hands-on skills will be very challenging with online classes. I normally teach the students Vex-RobotC in robotics class, Unity3D in programming and use VMware VMs in class for cyber.

Two resources that I have found to be useful:

I’m planning on teaching the students Python using the robotBenchmark and basic code development in

I hope this helps.
Dave Frederick, Team 1895 Manassas

VexCode vr also supports Python now. It may be more rudimentary than you are all looking for though.

Thanks for these links for teaching programming - I appreciate all the resources that can be tapped. Especially, those verified as field tested by fellow educators!

I’m finding there is a range of fairly good options for coding and CAD work online for students but less for the mechanical/electrical/pneumatic. I know there are good resources out there but it is pretty dispersed.

I’m holding out hope that there is an FRC-focused team/educator who is building up a library of training curriculum suited to hybrid/online format. And includes mechanical/electrical/pneumatic.

I see in the news today that Texas announced that schools are going to be back in session this fall despite rising Covid numbers. Social distancing in the robotics workshop will be an interesting challenge. I think we should be ready for an optimistic in-person start to school that later requires us to shift back to online instruction.

+1 on been using it for years both in and outside the classroom (as a student) but my computer science teacher uses it to teach everything except Android Development.

Hi @James3245,

I haven’t found any comprehensive FRC-based curriculums. I’ve been collecting ideas, links to resources, and slowly building a lesson plan for FRC Programming. My goal is to take new programming students with little to no experience to the point that they can create subsystems and commands for an FRC robot in Java.

When I think about the challenge I find it easy to get overwhelmed. The pre-requisite knowledge to have a deep understanding of PID requires calculus. Programming in command based needs to understand a scheduler. By my reckoning a CS/EE major might have all the pre-requisites classes about their sophomore or junior year. So, the approach to teaching FRC needs to focus on projects and introduce concepts as needed. Building knowledge and confidence as you go.

I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

Disclaimer: I’m still a novice to FRC and mentoring. Both are a great challenge and so much fun.

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