Robotics is (slowly) becoming part of the school's culture

During the 2019 Fort Dorchester High School commencement speeches, Team 342 was highlighted by two separate speakers: by the principal and then by the Student Body President (who didn’t have any direct ties with the team).
I won’t say that robotics has arrived, but we’re definitely on the steps leading to the front door.


Milk it for all it is worth, and then push for more! Team 4276 has been “highlighted” at assemblies and school district meetings for years.
Unfortunately, that is about as far as it has gone. We’re still working on financial support or dedicated facilities. But, for now, we’ll take all the kudos we can get.


Lol we’re the opposite. We have money and a classroom/closet but no recognition




As a community team, I envy you! Community team here.

But use this to your advantage and try to use this for recruitment! Good luck and congratulations!

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