Robotics Kahoot: Learning the Rules

Our team is making a Kahoot (digital quiz) to study the rules and we want to share it with you guys. Good luck, use it on team members that need to be filled in on the rules

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Here is the link

Looks like teams are going to need to devote quite a bit of time to playing all the Kahoots from various teams! I added yours here: THE DEEPEST OF SPACE RESOURCES (All the Deep Space Resources)

we “Kahooted” yesterday, but not on rules. First facts and team history. fun. Here’s a pic.

We use kahoot for our rules quizzes every week during build season. It’s a great way to be sure everyone knows the rules and we average the points from week to week to get a final winner that gets a small prize. It also helps us to narrow down possible driver candidates, because the drivers MUST know all of the game rules.

We are behind this year because we’ve had most of the last two weeks off of school because of weather. But he is what we have;:

Week 1 :

Week 2: