Robotics Participation Patch for Girl Scouts who participate in ANY FIRST event!

A message sent to us from the Girl Scouts:

Girl Scouts of the USA has created a participation patch (see below, click for larger version) for ALL Girl Scouts who participate in ANY FIRST competition, tournament, or championship event. These patches are only available at your local/regional Council Store. Wear it and represent girl-power on and off the FIRST playing field!! For more information on spreading FIRST programs to Girl Scouts troops and councils, please contact Suman Sabastin, STEM Project Manager for Technology and Engineering Initiatives at [email protected]](

Special thanks to the Girl Scout members of PoJo Robotics (FRC #1302) and Rock n’ Roll Robots (FTC team comprised of girls from Greater Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, and Mt. Wilson Vista Girl Scout Councils) in helping to conceptualize this patch.

Good to see PoJo getting some recognition.:slight_smile:
(One of our mentoree teams from a while ago)

I always wanted to join the Girl Scouts…:smiley:

Boy Scouting was fun, but they didn’t appreciate us putting sealed apple sauce cans in the camp fire, or starter pistol blanks. It was kinda hard on the canvas tents nearby. I made first-class, and didn’t get kicked out. But when my friends did, it just wasn’t the same.

I was an honorary Brownie when I was little.

I was a Girl Scout leader for a couple of years.

My Girl Scout is all grown up now. We have Parent Weekend in a couple of weeks. She’d love a robotics patch.

Some of my older boy scouts were discussing doing a “blow things up” event with the fire department at their training facility. Maybe I’ll suggest apple sauce cans.

I was a Brownie in Canada and still have that Brownie pin. It is very cool.
I was a Girl Scout all through school and a Girl Scout counselor on a wonderful island in upstate New York.

The only problems I had with being a Scout were camping and rowing. I like to camp for oh, one night but not all summer, and as far as rowing - I like to watch rowing - esp. when a big storm is blowing in and someone knows what they are doing and then we don’t have to be rescued by the ski boat. But that’s another story.

It is very cool that Girl Scouts can earn this amazing patch. This has probably taken awhile to make happen. Kudos to all involved.

My most memorable scout moment (aside from the applesauce can in the fire, or the time I retrieved a supposedly live bazooka round from the firing range at Quantico Marine base on a campout) was swimming one mile. Wow, that was hard. Round and round, and I was so cold and weak at the end that it was like being drunk. I could hardly drag myself ashore and collapse. That brings back memories. :ahh:

Cool! I remember seeing this in its concept stages at Worlds, but I had no idea that it would turn out to look this good.

Girl Scouting is fun, most of the time. Much less heavy on the exploding cans of applesauce, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: :yikes:

YESSSSS! dances
I’m SO going down to the GS store in Detroit to get that!

MWAHAHAHAHAH! goes crazy

Sorry, this really just made my day. This totally beats the first day of school, and this definitely beats the rookie recruitment meeting that I just got back from xD

I wish that we could explode cans…oh well, I guess that’s what chemistry class is for :smiley:

Well, folks, they gave us more leeway back in the days. I’m lucky to be alive, though you folks may not be lucky that I’m here nagging you :smiley:

Scouting was fun, and a good deal. I am always in awe of someone who could attain Eagle Scout rank. Wow. It says a lot!!!

As does the Gold award!

I was actually a Girl Scout through graduation of high school and am now a life-time member - I am SO going to find one of these patches and add it to my vest :]

I’M super excited. I remember when the patch for FLL came out I was sad that I couldn’t get one, so now this is very happy to know!!!
I definitely need to head over to my council store.
OH!! I know, I’ll use my cookie credits to buy it!! yay! :smiley:

<<major happiness>>

Last summer Team RUSH hosted an engineering day for both boy scouts and girl scouts.

The girls scouts were working towards a non-specific engineering and science learning certificate of some sorts…hopefully now some of those same girls will get a chance to snag a badge when they hit a tournament this year!

Totally cool.

Speaking along those lines, Girl Scouts will be having their convention held in Indianapolis this year from Oct 30 - Nov 2. Suman has contacted Indiana FIRST for some help.

We’ll be trying to recruit a team from each program (JFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC) to be showcased and explain FIRST to over 10,000 girls attending.

The directors of Indiana FIRST will be working on gathering the details through Suman, but I thought I would use this thread to get the word out we’ll be looking for some help.

Send me a message if your team might be interested in the convention help so we can help pitch in.

Chris Elston

That’s really cool that they have a patch for robotics! My sister is in Girl Scouts and I keep trying to convince her to do robotics. Sadly, not even the patch convinced her.

Oh well, thanks to all who made it happen, the design looks really good :smiley:

OOH!! OOH!! Get me one, too!! :smiley:

This is great - a way to tie Girl Scouts and robotics together, two things that I am completely dedicated to! (and who knows, maybe this will help get more girls involved!!)

Thanks to all who made this happen! It’s AWESOME!


As a leader of three Girl Scout troops and coach for a second year team, I am so excited that GSUSA has partnered with FIRST and wants to see girls encouraged in engineering. None of my girls are on robotics teams, but I have high hopes for the younger ones to coming up to the high school in a few years (or as soon as we get FLL started!). YES!

This new patch is really funny. I got the Build A Better Future patch for doing Robotics, but now that there is a patch specifically for Robotics… Oh, wow. I guess I’ll just have to float away in a pool of happiness now, since I’m currently working on a Gold Award project getting started an FLL at my local middle school. I just amazes me how intertwined Robotics and Girl Scouts can be… Also, it’s probably coincidence, but not counting this year’s recruits, all but one of the girls on our team are from my troop. It’s awesome!