Robotics Poem

So I wrote a robotics poem a little while ago about the build season and I thought you guys on here might enjoy reading it. Feel free to post any of your own work if you have written anything about robotics.

Build Season

Metal grinding, sparks flying, this is what it’s all about
Piece by piece it comes together
From nothing comes the beast
But the day draws near when we lose our chance
To join the fight and enter the fray
So we dig in our heels and press on
Determined to finish our work.
Cut, bend, drill, weld
Sweat, bleed, break
Only a week until we’re screwed
But we band together and pool our strengths
Bolting, typing, crimping
Hammer, notebook, solder.
Go, go, go, can’t stop now.
Go, go, go, push yourself harder and harder.
We’ve got a job that we want done
A passion we need complete.
Duct tape, and Dew are the tools of our trade.
Knowledge and strength the rewards.

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This link just reminded me of some poems I wrote for a class. The first is a cinquain that I wrote about this years game. The second is a poem more about engineering itself. They are both rather lousy, but I decided that perhaps some of you readers could use a good laugh.:o


Climbing, Scoring, Blocking
All of them are striving for the same goal.

The Project

What a pain you have been?
Every day there is something new,
Another task that needs solving,
A deadline constantly approaches,
It never stops so neither do I,
No hope for more time,
Just got to keep moving,
As soon as I finish one task,
Another is given,
An endless struggle for life,
The life of an engineer.

Thanks for the feedback. I love writing. I love robotics. What can be better then combining both? :smiley:

Temper Metal- I’m liking both of them. The second I really like though. Speaks volumes about how things tend to go as an engineer.

I wrote this a few days ago:
Roses are red,
Dozer is blue,
our robot tipped,