Robotics Poster

My team is planning to set up posters around our school. Things we need to include on it are Robotics Club, our team name and number and a ‘get involved’ catch phrase
If you could come up with some ideas that would be great

For Monty Madness our off-season event, we make promotional posters and put them up. What you need to put is the FIRST logo, in case it can be recognized, in a corner. A set of bullet points about the program that sound attractive. a collage of pictures of your team and robot, and maybe some other good looking pics (browse CD for some ATL pics).

What exactly are you looking for through this thread?


“Robotics, not just for nerds anymore”
Seen on a t-shirt: “We put the eek in Geek”

If you are looking for the collage bound type you could put that FIRST has $9.8 Million in scolorships.

Our old team motto was:

“We put the Cool in Uncool”

Rather than focus on the “we are nerds!!!” aspect, I’d rather focus on the “we get stuff done” aspect.

Look for a photo of your bot on the field doing something physically impressive (shooting moon rocks, launching a track ball, etc), hopefully with the crowd behind it. Caption is either as “We Build These” or “Help us Build This (Another?)”, and put contact info on the bottom. FRC robots are beastly, capitalize on it.

I was thinking something along these lines:
Of course you’ll change stuff around, but you get the idea.

This poster is always a classic.
And ( a pretty cool one a couple of years ago for the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus that would make a good general poster as well.

Another one is an electrical engineering joke. with that

You don’t get a geek without the Double E.

Kevin Ross has some posters available at his FIRSTWA site:

Look for the download link on the bottom right of each item.

Get a full size picture of your robot and then just put the room number of your meeting room. possibly put the word “robotics” on there but it is pretty well implied.

Hey thanks,
all of this will help a lot, we also had a robotics video on friday, that was shown to the entire school.
This combined with our posters will help a lot.