Robotics Schools in MN

Hi! My family is considering moving, but if we are I really want to move to a school with a good robotics team. I was wondering if people knew which schools near the Minneapolis/St. Paul area had good teams. Thanks!

That might be of some help. Additionally, you can contact the Regional Director.

FRC in Minnesota

Regional Director
Susan Lawrence

Assistant Regional Director
Ken Rosen

Senior Mentor
Evan Hochstein

Short answer: all of them.

Plus, teams qualify using only their first regionals performance-they may improve by a second regional. Checking TBA may also help.

Well, the state championship is this coming Saturday-- here are the teams that have qualified (top 30) :

Of course, the criteria for qualifying doesn’t necessarily cover all the aspects of what makes a ‘good robotics team.’ In particular, a team that misses Chairmans’ just barely may be a great team, but didn’t place well competition wise this year.

Academics should be your first criteria… Imho a house is an expensive thing just for better robotics

Feel free to shoot me an email and I can help you out. My email is already listed above but here it is again;

The Prior lake-Savage School district has options for kids between grades 4-12, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any inquiries on what our program can offer!

I’ll put myself out there as another resource for you… There are a lot of good programs in the area! There’s a lot that goes into choosing where to live, the robotics team is only part of it :slight_smile:

And when looking at the State Qualification list, keep in mind one thing… in the 4 year’s we’ve held the tournament, only 2 teams have qualified every year! Everyone has an off-year once in a while, and competition for spots is really tough! I can easily go down 100 spots on the list and still find teams that I would consider high quality with great programs, even if they didn’t have a great event this year.

Are you planning to move to the suburbs, or to the cities proper? Speaking as someone heavily involved in St. Paul robotics, I know that every single public school in St. Paul has a team. I also believe that Minneapolis has plenty of teams, and there should be many in the suburbs too.
In short, you’re covered pretty much anywhere!

Like lakes, in Minnesota if you spin around real fast you will step in one. There are more robotics teams in Minnesota than boy’s hockey teams. Go to the state Champs this weekend and ask anyone. Jon will help but just about any volunteer will point you to teams in the Twin cities area. All of them are good.

Duluth is only a couple hours away ya know… :smiley:

Rochester and Byron are even closer than Duluth :slight_smile:

You know Chicago is just a little farther. :smiley: :smiley:

Texas is just down the road :smiley:

And I hear Australia has some good teams-- You only have to drive to the airport…