Robotics Senior Pictures ideas?

Title. My mom wants to get some senior pictures with me and our team’s robot. I have no idea what kind of poses and such to use. We do have a professional photographer for the pictures though.

Any ideas?

What’s the robot like?

I did mine with our 2019 robot just last week. What we did was pull the robot into the hallway and elevated it on the table. I stood a little bit in where our cargo manipulator was and crossed my arms. I’ll attach one of the pictures. By the way, my shorts were edited out of the picture that I chose. This is the one that I currently have available.

Your idea is fine just make sure to read your schools rules on senior pictures as some like mine don’t allow props.

Out team photographer took pictures with all the seniors with the robot at competitions. (This is me)

I take pics of my team through the season and then the seniors. Here are a few from 2019.
So We used all the robots (minus 2015 which is a sad skeleton) they helped build and any blue banners & medals they won during their time on the team.
(oops on 2019 having blue bumpers for one kid!)

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My mom did a whole photography project for my senior photos where we recreated movie scenes (Hunger Games, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, ect.) and one that we did from Star Wars involved my team’s 2015 robot.