Robotics/STEM Coordinator Job Description

I am in the process on writing a proposal for a Robotics/STEM coordinator position for my school district. If you have any information on job descriptions, goals, roles, expectations, please pass it along to me.

I am interested in contacting others who might be in this position or looking to do such a proposal as well.

My proposal will be a half a day teaching and half a day as coordinator.

I will compile and repost all resources that are share with me.

Thanks in advance,


Let me know when the job is posted :wink:

Seriously, though, you might want to contact Adrienne Emerson from 148…I could be mistaken, but I think that’s her job title at Greenville ISD.

Let me know if you would like to be introduced to the person doing this in a school district in northern VA. Send me an email.

John Larock (Mr. MOE) has FIRST as part of his job description for DuPont. While not a teaching position, I’m sure some of the bullet points can be applied.

Thanks for the heads up on Adrienne. It is a proposed position for me. A half day of admin and half a day of teaching.

Thanks for the heads up. I will get in contact with him.



I’m in the same boat writing my own job description right now :slight_smile:
But in all seriousness I working on a similar project right now so feel free to PM me so we can work together. Luis from 118 and I were talking about working on some projects like this to put together for other teams on how to structure school programs. I’d love to have a few more people involved!

Would love to see what y’all come up with, I’m hoping to push our district to create a similar position in another year or so!

I will definitely share what resources I am provided by others as well as the final proposal.

I think we will be seeing more districts looking for these kinds of positions/individuals.

Please make this a white paper when you’re done.

And tell us about what considerations you took into account when creating it.

I’m just an English teacher :wink: but interested in expanding my certifications eventually to include technology. This kind of information is great for developing curriculum!

I will create a white paper on this and all the resources I find or receive.

I have been a contractor as Robotics Events Director for a large school system, so I’ve got some of the events piece documented if that is included in your plan.


Please fee free to forward any documents for me to include/consider.

You DM message me or email them to me.

My contact is nmorgan at eanesisd dot net

I sent you a copy of the description for the position here. See you at TRR.

Robotics Events Director position sent.

I am considering doing the same for our school system and would love to get in on what you all have developed so far. Is there a place where you’ve been sharing info? Thanks.::rtm::

I have not posted anything yet.

I do have some documents that I am trying to put together as a white paper for posting here on CD.

I will share my submission this week for my position.


I don’t mean to be a pest but have you made any progress on the job description yet?

You are not being a pest.

I have submitted my proposal to our district but have not heard any more concerning the description.

I will be posting a write up in a few weeks over my proposal as well as some others I got feedback from. I have a few emails out still waiting for people to send me documents. I am also awaiting approval from a few to post their documents as well.

My proposal is below. It was not very detailed as I figured it was a first pass at the administration and there would be some back and forth.

Robotics Coaching Facilitator

The main purpose is to serve as Robotics Coach Facilitator (RCF) for Eanes Independent School District. The RCF’s primary role is to facilitate the development of a robotics program for students at all district campuses.


Special Knowledge/Skills:
• Demonstrated ability to lead and work well with professionals
• Demonstrate a willingness to accept a leadership position
• Working knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and staff development
• Ability to interpret policy, procedures, and data
• Strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills
• Strong background in robotics
• Strong knowledge of instructional strategies for all students

Minimum Experience:
• Three years successful classroom teaching experience
• Three years successful robotics teaching experience
• Experience in staff development presentations required
• Experience in development of curriculum preferred
• Experience in facilitating and/or working with teams

• EISD Salary schedule
• Robotics Stipend continued
• 204 calendar days
• ½ day of teaching at WHS – preferably last half of day
• ½ day of facilitation time

• Take initiative with after school and competitive robotics and associated staff development
• Procure possible funding for competitive and after school robotics programs
• Work with each school (elementary and middle) and teachers on a regularly scheduled and rotating basis
• Serve as a mentor for EISD teachers in regards to robotics
• Provide training for school campuses for competitive and after school robotics programs
• With the help of each school administration, identify a key go to teacher at each school to work with in regards to competitive and after school robotics
• Plan, implement and organize a district wide robotics competition program for EISD
• Provide periodic updates to campus level administration as well as district administration

Thanks very much and good luck with your proposal. I look forward to reading your write up.