Robotics student in India made a spoon to help people with Parkinson's

Not an FRC student but read the article this morning and thought it was something an FRC team could do.

“For Aarrav it is the culmination of a 10-year interest in mechanics that began when his mother bought him a Lego set. He has now represented India at more than 20 robotics competitions across the world.”

I know teams have done projects like 3D printing prosthetics, making electric wheelchairs but I hadn’t heard of making a robotic spoon for people with Parkinson’s.

Any other ideas like those for helping the community by improving the quality of life for people with medical disabilities?

Edit: thinking about it on reflection. This is like Dean Kamen’s start in some ways. The AutoSyringe insulin pump! NIHF Inductee Dean Kamen Invented the AutoSyringe


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