Robotics Teacher Appreciation Week #RTAW

Since we are 2468 Appreciate, We though we would start a post here regarding Teacher Appreciation Week.

For those of you who are on Twitter, the hashtage is #TAW for Teacher Appreciation Week but we thought we would add Robotics Teacher Appreciation Week to the mix as well #RTAW.

I will start the list by adding my mentors:

Bertman from 418 who was my mentor my first year when we got started with FRC and still continues to be.

SRippetoe from 1477 - always a pleasure to work with and against on the field.

Others teachers that come to mind are:

  • Luis Medina from FRC118 - shared great camp resources
  • Bruce Charbonneau from FRC1296 - provided a speed controller when needed
  • 2789_B_Garcia from FRC2789 - great defensive alliance partner this year
  • itsjustmrb from FRC4063 - great alliance partner and great pit organization example
    -Adrienne E. from FRC148 - thanks for the robotics coordinator documents
    -Pjohn1959 from FRC1429 - advice on Chairman’s presentation
    -David Scarcella from FRC231 - great idea for our hopper feeder this year

and many more I am sure I am forgetting at this point.

Feel free to add to the list as well as post on Twitter.

Great idea !

Here is my list
Allen Gregory - FRC3847 (Spectrum) - small wheeled shooter thread, chairman’s thread
John Sperry - FRC2158 (AusTIN CANs) - growing robotics to new levels
Mrs. Baughman - FRC457 (Grease Monkeys) - long history with FRC and great team
Steven Fish - FRC624 (CRyptonite) - helping teams in need and keeping imagery alive in FRC

Hopefully we can get this thread to go beyond Texas !


I hope so as well.

I can think of many other mentors from other teams but school teachers are the focus of this thread.

Here a few others:

Andrew Schuetze - founder of 499 - Great leader for San Antonio area as well as FIRST and Robotics in general
John Cox with FRC 3366 - John and I coached basketball against each other years ago.
DRicks with FRC704 - great positive attitude always and such willingness to always help out.

Here’s a few that I personally know:

Angelo Muguiro - Head of team 3043 - Got me into robotics and essentially made me who I am today. He is also extremely dedicated to the team and participates in every meeting.

Virgilio Gonzalez - 3043’s electrical/programming mentor - Taught me everything I know about the electrical aspects of the control system, and all I know about programming.

Richard Lindner - Teacher sponsor of team 4301 - Huge amounts of dedication, provides comic relief during the hard build season.

Gary Dutchover - Teacher sponsor of team 4301 - Helped a lot with the construction aspects of our 'bot. Without his input, there would be a lot less of a robot from our team than there already was.

Russel Wright - Mentor - Organized the team, built our pyramid, provided a lot of parts for the robot, Helped come up with the key components of our robot.

My team mentors as well as one or two others whom I truly appreciate:
Joseph Vanderway FRC 599 Founding Mentor & Coach of 599, truly an inspirational person. Woodie Flowers Finalist & VEX Teacher of the Year
Dave Paulson FRC 599 One of the most dedicated shop mentors and the man with all the true shop knowledge.
Chris Siegert FRC 599 & VRC 1508 A retired aviations engineer who does wonders with VEX as well as devote plenty of time to FRC. He has been one of my more personal mentors, including teaching me nearly everything I know about programming. VEX Mentor of the Year
Joe Ross FRC 330 The go-to guy for programming help, he is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help or chat for a minute.
Dan Riedinger FRC 2584 /VRC 20 A true stand-up mentor, he devotes the majority of his competition time to volunteering for VEX and FRC events, as well as being a personal help to our team during any event. VEX Volunteer of the Year (local)
James Pearman VRC 8888 A man who knows what he is talking about concerning programming, and someone who recognizes why we do Robotics. I’ve only had the opportunity to talk to him in person once but I admire what he does.
There are lots of wonderful mentors in Southern California who I didn’t mention as well!