Robotics Teaching Position in Vancouver, BC

Collingwood School has been competing in VEX Robotics for many years. They are looking to hire a full-time STEM/Robotics teacher for September.

The school is a well-resourced, independent school, and I can personally vouch for the G.P. of the faculty and mentors with whom I have worked. The students are pretty good, too. :slight_smile:

The school is located in West Vancouver, BC, within a half hour drive of three local ski hills, hundreds of awesome mountain biking and hiking trails, and a short drive to Whistler.

BC offers one of the most competitive VEX regions with over 150 registered teams and events every month from October through April. It may, or may not, be relevant to this posting, but FRC is growing in BC with a good likelihood of a regional taking place in the province next spring.

I have attached the job posting, please feel free to share. I have not investigated the visa and certification requirements for teachers from outside of Canada, but typical salaries for the Vancouver Public School system can be found at and range from $50k to $86k, plus pension and extended health benefits. As Collingwood is an independent school, they are not bound by these rates, but may use them as a guide.

Hope to see you in October at our “Kick Start” VRC event next fall!


Collingwood Robotics Posting.pdf (60.8 KB)

Collingwood Robotics Posting.pdf (60.8 KB)

…and it’s an hour and a half to Whistler.
Not a bad deal.

You could live in Squamish (much more affordable than Vancouver) and make your weekend trips to Whistler even shorter. :slight_smile:

But I won’t apologize for scheduling a robot tournament on a snowy weekend! Robot season and skiing season have a bit of an overlap.


Returning to my home town is very tempting. Hopefully there will be more opportunities like this when I am ready to retire.

What is required to become a certified by the BC Ministry of Education?

Contact the BC teacher regulation branch. They can assess and advise on a case by case basis. Occasionally it is possible for an uncertified teacher to teach on a “letter of permission” when no qualified, certified teachers are available. It’s VERY rare, and isn’t easy to arrange, but it happens sometimes.

Typically a four year undergraduate degree plus a 12 month B.Ed degree earns professional certification, but there is also a Basic certification for teachers certified in other provinces that allows time to meet BC requirements. Unfortunately K-12 teachers are not covered under NAFTA, so a work visa is required for non-Canadians. Sometimes letting the employer know you’re interested is a good start.

If you have experience teaching in a shop environment, we have been desperately short of tech ed teachers for over a decade, and this year will be worse (read “better” if you’re looking for work in the BC public system)… the BCTF (teacher’s union) won a Supreme Court ruling on bargaining rights that restored class size provisions that were stripped 15 years ago. Public school teachers in BC have a strong union, good job security, decent pension and benefits. (This particular job is in an independent, or “private” school, and not part of the union contract.) And, of course, health care is included.

<plug> If you have first year college and some technical work experience, I teach in a program that prepares teachers to teach tech ed. Two years at BCIT (wood, metal, drafting, electronics, auto, and more), plus one at UBC earns professional certification. We’re full for September, but the wait list will carry over to 2018. <\plug>