Robotics Team Coalition: Global Project (Project Tetra Force)

Hey guys,

This is Kevin from FTC Team 11049 “The Goblet of Wires”.

I am well aware that 2020 has been weird due to health, social justice, immigration, and climate concerns. A lot of us are worried about the future and about science deniers. But we ARE the future and science is what we do!

That’s why I, alongside the Robotics Team Coalition (a global coalition of 200+ FIRST and Vex teams from 40 states and 20 countries), am launching RTC Project Tetra Force, an effort to use STEM to solve these four issues. This is our time, our future, our planet. And we’ve got robots so who could not want to help us?

All you have to do is be a robotics team in order to join.

Tell your teams about this because they could just as well change the world to design the best normal possible.

Here is the link to our Discord if you want to be in the action:

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Is the link working?

I don’t understand what project tetraforce is trying to accomplish :slight_smile:


Presumably improvement and change in these four areas. How is the question I’m asking.

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Are these your four issues???

To echo the others - trying to “solve” health, social justice, immigration, AND climate change is extraordinarily broad and you’ve given us almost no information about what your project actually is. Anytime you’re asking people to devote their time and energy to your project - time and energy that could otherwise go into their own team’s outreach efforts - we need a little more to go on.


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