Robotics teams sponsoring Robotics teams

So in an attempt to think of additional sources of funding to pay for registration, our fundraising team proposed asking other FRC teams to sponsor us. We would like to ask for $50 for a 2"x2" logo on the robot itself, or $100 for a 3"x3" space. Of course your team would be on our shirts and signage as a sponsor as well.

About us:
We are Appalachian Automation, team 4165 from Logan, OH. Our rookie season was 2012. We are to the best of our knowledge the only team located in the SE part of Ohio. We are a group of ~25 students, and 2 mentors. Our current sponsors are Amanda Bentbolt, several local banks, KD BBQ Company, and ourselves (We make and sell the athletic plaques to our HS sports teams).

We attend the Buckeye regional in Cleveland. Last year was our first year finishing above .500. We need ~$7,000 to meet our registration & operating budget. Feel free to ask questions if you’d like.

Heh, I love the idea but I don’t think your going to get anyone, since most teams with a decent amount of money spend it on their own subteams. Plus, there’s not really anything to gain (no tax exemption, no advertisement needed for a robotics team)

Best of luck!

I’m not sure how the two are related, but team 4815 from Michigan, does label Team 217 as a sponsor.

I’ve seen newer teams with veteran team numbers as a “sponsor” before. I would assume it’s to acknowledge any technical/mechanical help and support they received. More of a team-to-team mentor-ship than a true monetary sponsorship.

Team 469 listed Team 67 as a sponsor a while back (07-08?) for making 67 making a few parts for them. This is probably the most common form of team-to-team sponsorship.

On the other hand, Team 5188 had Team 1108 listed as a sponsor in 2014 after one of 1108’s mentors gave a generous monetary donation to 5188 after the Crossroads regional. This is a very rare occurrence however.