Robotics Varsity Letter

Hello everyone! We are Team 1676, the Pascack Pi-oneers.

We are conducting a survey to see what teams give varsity letters to their team members. If your team gives members varsity letters, please respond with your team number, where your team is from, and please note if you are FRC or FTC. Thank you!

Updated link to Google Form!

(Please respond by 6/30/24)


Team 97 does not, but I’d love to learn the outcome of your survey.

Easier with a shared google form to collect this info…


waiting to reply to see if this changes to a poll or a google form and avoid double counting or sorting.

You need permission for users outside of the organization :skull:

Should be fixed now! Thank you for letting me know.

Hello! Great idea, thank you for the suggestion. The original post has been updated.

A Google form has been added. Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi! Please click the link to the Google form and fill it out! We can help you get started on the process!

Answered the form, but there’s additional nuance to my answer that there was no place to put so I’ll put it here:

We offer Varsity letters to members of the host school, but we have members from a nearby district who doesn’t have their own FRC team as well as some home schooled students. We would love to give a letter to every member of the team, but unfortunately (and predictably?) the rules have it so that only students enrolled in the host school are eligible to receive one.

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Additional nuance to my answer:

We give out varsity, JV, and freshman letters to our team members (all enrolled in our school district). The breakdown of who gets what letter has minor tweaks every year.

This year those who participated in FTC or were new members to the team at minimum got the Freshman letter.

Those who continued to support into FRC but were not on the FRC team, were rising stars, or who did FTC but it was not their first year got JV letters.

In general those that participated on our FRC team got Varsity letters.

Depending on actual attitude/participation and the individual students trajectory tweaks up/down can be made. Down is a rare if ever occurrence, its mostly people who meet the above criteria for Freshman or JV getting bumped up a level that we consider.

We are a county-wide team, but probably 85% of our students are from the largest school district in the county, and they are who we approached about giving Robotics letters. Nonetheless, we give letters to all who earned¹ them, regardless of their school district.

¹ we have a point system, earn 1000 points for a letter, each 250 more earns an additional “bar”.

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We do award varsity letters after two years of significant contribution by a student. They get awarded a bar for each year after.
“Significant” is determined by our executive board.

Hello everyone! We are Team 1676, the Pascack Pi-oneers.

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to our survey already, but we would love to receive more responses!

We are conducting a survey to see what teams give varsity letters to their team members. If your team gives members varsity letters, please respond to the Google form linked below. We have already gotten a lot of responses, but we would like more input! Thank you!



Curious question: For “Qualify and Compete at the World Championship”, do you count the waitlist as qualifying? Mainly because I’m trying to add up my score if my 4 FRC student years were under these rules, and while I (and the team I was on in the given year) attended all 4 years, three of them were off the wait list. Also, due to a band conflict (which I fixed the next year by dropping Band), I only saw the last day of the one year my team actually won an entry (Regional win + 2X EI)… how much do students need to be there to get the points?

We have been fortunate enough to qualify for worlds (via EI, Impact & Regional Wins) for the past 8 years, so the waitlist question has never come up – I’m >guessing< we’d give the points all the same. Except in very extenuating circumstances we expect students to commit to attending the entirety of competitions (regardless of points). I think the highest point total achieved has been just under 3000 by graduation (letter + 7 bars), but I could be off +/- 1 bar.

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Then on the first team (2008-2010) I would have gotten 1,205 (and gotten a letter just in time to move to the other side of Indiana)… and on the second team (2011), I would have been up to 1,730 points (Add 100 to both tallys if “non-qualifying award” points apply to redundant qualifying awards). Keep in mind things were different then and obviously different teams do different things that could be defined to earn points (the second team hosts/hosted an FLL qualifier every year, for example).

3K… :astonished: Good job!