Robotics Volunteer need in RI Jan 6th

Posting for a co-worker.

He helps organize the Rhode Island Boy’s Scouts and they are looking for volunteers in Rhode Island to help students use lego’s to earn their robotics badge.

This is a 1 day commitment. With the following details:

If you are interested, please PM your email address and I will put you in-touch with him. I am not involved with the boys scouts and really don’t have much else to offer other than the information below:

Date: Saturday Jan 6th.
Time: 8am – 5pm EST
Location: Rhode Island College
Need anywhere from 1-4 people, 18+ with at least 1 person being 21+.

Description: Volunteers will be supervising and helping elementary/middle-school aged students complete tasks using FLL robotics kits to earn their robotics badge. The tasks are pre-outlined and should easily be completed in the time allotted.

I mentioned this is literally the worst day for anyone in FRC, but unfortunately, the event can not be moved.