Robotics Water Game Competition (Real) in SoCal

Just wanted to share today’s successful “first float” in the 2021 SoCal robotics water game challenge! Multiple FRC teams in SoCal have joined up this spring to design and conduct a real water game competition, which is being officially held just 2 weekends from now on 3/27.

Floating robots compete in several different challenges with stylish, interactive game elements across a pool.
Here you can see 2 of the major game elements, including a boat (on fire) for the water rescue, and the lighthouse for the mermaid transfer. Other elements such as retrieving gems at the bottom of the pool, and navigating swimmer “hazards” are also present across the arena.

I’m mentoring a team of students from Long Beach Poly HS (officially from FRC Team 7042) and the challenge is hosted by Team 4415 in Cerritos, CA. Our team is Ocular Rift, and in true FRC style, of course we have buttons and polos! Follow along for more videos and photos on Instagram: @ocularrift

Video of drive system testing:

IMG_6670 IMG_6667 IMG_6671 IMG_6684



Field setup with the people to be saved on the burning ship.


If you want more real water games, you can do robotic sail boats:

It has been going on since 2006.

Nice. Looks like this event is basically just a race and navigation challenge? I think this particular challenge is a little closer to RoboBoat or NURC

SeaPerch is around too!

Eric, this is hella sick!

Thanks for specifying that this is “real” in your title. I almost didn’t click on it. We should require people to specify whether their posts are real or fake going forward.


Do you remember if fake real fake goor wordlow made it on the '17 offseason bot? I thought we switched to fake real real goor wordlow but could be mistaken


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