Robotics Web Log

Theres been some talk about starting a Web Log Service for all the teams out there, and I was wondering, how many people would be interested in doing this? Just an interest survey right now really. So, are you interested? :confused:

The thing w/ me is i would do one but I’m not w/ a team yet maybe next year.

well then, good luck forming a team.
As a member of a team mentored primarilly by a college (props to GA Tech), I’d like to say that your efforts to start mentoring teams will be very much appreciated by the students. Stick with it, I’m sure you can find the interest, or can create it with the “infectious” spirit of FIRST :smiley:

i think i have an idea, but im not exactly sure … so im going to be the one to ask … what exactly do you mean by a Web Log Service ??

lol, u read my mind

This poll was created in response to this thread:

As you can see, one weblog has been started already:

A Weblog is basically an online journal where people regularly write their thoughts on the actuvities of their life. In this case, progress on their robot, trials and tribulations to get a certain piece designed or engineered, or a program debugged etc.

The service I am talking about is a central website/server where FIRSTers can create, manage, create new entries in, etc their own weblog. As of yet, there is no such service, but several people have expressed an interest. So I wanted to know, who was interested and who wasnt. hmmmm…did I make it clear or did I ramble too much? :smiley:

Oh yeah, we are going to that this season, well, me and vernn, LOL, we will just make fun of the rest of the team. LOL, j/k