RoboTigers Team 1796 Presents - Sourdough (2022)

The 2022 season has been a uniquely challenging year for our students. I’m extremely proud of their resilience and refusal to accept dissatisfying results.
We didn’t have time for a photo shoot but do have some action shots instead.
Our 2022 Robot:


Sourdough competed at SBPLI 2, NYC Regional, & (hopefully) will be at Houston Championships next week.

Quick Specs

  • Powered by WCP SwerveX
  • 540° Software limited always-tracking turret with odometric assist
  • 4-bar full width polycarb intake
  • Auto-Rejection of opposing alliance cargo over top of intake w/ secondary check before leaving shooter
  • 2 position shooter with independent driven top and bottom wheels
  • Shooter AutoRPM derived from LL
  • 2 Telescopic Arm climb
  • AllFalconEverything

We have improvements planned for next week and are excited to get to experience Houston for once

Thank you to our school, family, and friends for their support of our crazy passion and of course our extremely generous sponsors who provide us every opportunity we get.


What inspired the name “Sourdough”? Does it rise like sourdough? Taste like it? ??

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Your robot was awesome at NYC and we felt very lucky to be picked by you and Stuy - good luck at worlds!

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