Robotix in newsweek

did anyone catch the picture of los gurellas (sp?) in newsweek, that s a pretty prestigious picture they got there.

Which issue did it make it in? I talked to one of their team members right after the photo shoot, so I knew it was coming. Was it in this week’s issue, or last week’s, or what?

I believe it’s the June 2 issue. Which would be this weeks. Just as a note the article is actually about the highschool and not FIRST.


btw its Guerrillas.

The article doesn’t even mention FIRST :(. It’s just a big description of their list of the top 100 public high schools(which doesn’t include any magnet schools that pick their students fairly :mad:). It has one picture of the team with their robot and says “The robotics steam at International Academy, which recently captured a national championship, also draws from area schools”