Robotless and bored at Sea

Is anyone from the FIRST community going to be on the Carnival Cruise Freedom between the dates of December 28th and January 3rd? Luckily I’m not missing Kick off because Team 168’s President was kind enough to escort me from the ship to our local kickoff. :slight_smile:

But anyways. If any is also going to be stranded on this lovely engineering wonder please let me know.

I will not be on Freedom, but I’ll be on the Pride instead for the same dates.

What port are you leaving from? Cause if it’s miami then we will be in Key West at the same time. Don’t know about you… I hate cruises…

Actually if you leave from Miami we have all the same ports of call.

Actually I’m leaving from Long Beach, CA.

…I would love to be on a cruise… why do you not like them? I would love the experience? Isn’t there interesting things to do there?


I don’t know if they will let you, with the tighter security these days, but maybe you can spend sometime in the engine room. It would be interesting to see if they have a workshop with a lath , mill etc. Maybe if they do and are not to busy they might teach you a new skill.

The ship will have lots of different trades like electrician etc you might be able to watch them work.

If the rules allow when you explain about FIRST you’ll probably find them quite interested.

The lighting systems for the shows can be quite hi-tech so maybe you can talk the technician in charge to show you around.

Time and security may prevent these activities but it could be worth trying. Have you talked to the cruise director / activities co-ordinator?

If all that fails you can always catch up on your sleep before build commences.