RobotMain Vi

Whenever we try to deploy our code we get an error message saying that that main vi is broken or in an undeployable state. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly approved. I attached a picture of the code but it is bad quality so I will try to get a better picture.

It’s just that Robot Main calls everything else and so you get a message that something somehere in your program is broken.
Usually, when you have an error in any of the Team Code vis that Robot Main calls, there is a broken white arrow in the header bar on the top left.
Since you don’t have that it might mean that the error was introduced in a library vi or somewhere else that the project won’t notice until compile time.

I notice that you have modified Robot Main where you removed Timed Tasks.
You should not be changing Robot Main.
I suggest limiting your changes to the vis under the Team Code folder.

When you see a broken white arrow, left-click on it and you get a list of the errors either in that vi or in vis that this vi calls.
You can then click on any of the errors listed and it take you to the section of code that has a problem and will highlight the problem.

The picture you posted does not have a broken arrow though, so something else is wrong here.
Are you seeing the error message when you build the project?
Are you using the Robot Main white arrow to download and test the project?

You can look through any vis that you have recently modified, looking for a broken arrow in the header.

If you want more direct help, you can zip the project folder (documents/LabVIEW/name) and post or link to it.
Also, a screen shot of the error message might enlighten us more.