Robotpy-apriltag library

Not pushed to pypi yet, but soon! Here’s the PR: Initial Apriltag wrapper by virtuald · Pull Request #1 · robotpy/robotpy-apriltag · GitHub

One thing I’d love help with – I chose the name rpy_apriltag for the import path. I don’t like it, but I also don’t want to conflict with the apriltag library which already uses apriltag. Open to other ideas.

Just go with robotpy_apriltag

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But it’s tradition our import names don’t match our package names! /s

In all honesty this is probably the least confusing option.


rpy_apriltag seems to be descriptive enough to be clear and not be confusing. Go with your first thoughts on naming.

  • wpitag
  • wpi_apriltag
  • apriltagz


wpilib_apriltag or robotpy_apriltag

future proof the package name assuming robot py will be part of wpilib in 2024. wpitag makes it sound like WPILib made its own unique tag. wpi_apriltag works but isn’t specific enough. Apriltagz just sounds kind of silly.

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