RobotPy Characterization: Now GUI-ified!

The RobotPy Characterization Suite is new, improved, and approachable!

Now featuring:

  • Proper hosting as a PyPI module, enabling full installation through PIP (no more cloning the repo)!
  • New, user-friendly GUIs for all stages of the characterization process (project creation, data logging, and data analysis)!
  • Auto-generated robot-side code from a simple Python config file - can be edited either in-GUI, or in your editor of choice!
  • Deployment of robot-side code from the GUI - no need to open a code editor or manually run a gradle command at any point of the process!
  • User-specified units!
  • An excruciatingly detailed readme with step-by-step usage instructions!
  • Optimal feedback gain estimation via LQR (special thanks to @calcmogul for facilitating this)!
  • Much much more!

What are you waiting for? Characterize your robot mechanisms today!


Note: SparkMAX support for robot projects is coming soon!

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The looks so cool!
We have a question: We have a rug from past competitions. Should we run the drivetrain characterization while the robot is on the rug, or is it fine running the robot just on the floor?
Thank you!

Best to use a field carpet, but results on hard floor are generally not-very-different.

Ok, thanks!

The README says:

Max Controller Output : This is the maximum value of the controller output, with respect to the PID calculation. Most controllers calculate outputs with a maximum value of 1, but early versions of the Talon firmware have a maximum output of 1023.

However, the last Talon SRX firmware version is 4.22 which was released in somewhere around April 17 (according to this commit in the docs’ GitHub repository).
CTRE said that this normalization will be added only to 2020 and that’s why I don’t think it was implemented so early.
Can someone clarify this? @ozrien maybe?
Because right now we do not understand what Max Controller Output we should set (even though we use the “Talon (new)” default configuration).
Thank you!

You should use the Talon (Old) option; you should also update your characterization version, as the description has been changed to Pre-2020 and 2020- to avoid this confusion.

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