Robotpy-cscore (beta) wheels now available for Windows/OSX/Linux-x64

There is no longer a system OpenCV build requirement, so now we can publish wheels for robotpy-cscore. Should hopefully be easier for people to develop now on other platforms.

Currently it’s only available as a 2023 beta (and I’m not planning on backporting this to 2022) – but as long as you’re not using it on a RIO, it’s totally installable even if you’re not a beta team! pip3 install --pre robotpy-cscore should do it for you (though it will uninstall any other RobotPy stuff you have installed from 2022 – so beware). If you want to do OpenCV related things, you’ll need to install it separately (I recommend opencv-python on most platforms, or your system OpenCV on embedded systems).

I haven’t really updated the documentation yet.


Note: with these changes to the robotpy-cscore build I no longer intend on maintaining my various packages starting from next year.

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