robotpy-cscore with labview dashboard

hey we are trying to run the py-cscore library on a raspberry pi in order to send image to a labview dashboard and we are unable to figure out how to connect the 2.
has anyone successfully figured out how to send the image from the cscore to a labview dashboard?

The labview dashboard gets the camera location via networktables, which means that you have to have the rPI + robot + driverstation all running. If there’s no robot, the rPI and the DS won’t connect.

If you’re already doing this, you also need to tell robotpy-cscore where the robot is. The cscore module takes a --robot argument, which defaults to You need to give it the robot’s IP. Alternatively, you can give it the --team argument, which will figure out where your robot is automatically.

To validate that everything is getting to the DS, you can use the TableViewer to look at the contents of networktables and see if the camera server stuff is there.