RobotPy Error: Python3 not installed?

Hi! We are having many problems with the “py install-robotpy” command in Windows 8. We can type “py” and it says python 3.4 is installed but for some reason it doesn’t work or recognize that we have python installed already. Any help will be greatly appreciated as we would love to get our robot driving with Python! Thanks!

Is Python added to PATH?

What is the exact error message you are getting?

You might try using “\Python34\python.exe” instead of “py”, and see if that works.

The exact error message is: “Package ‘python3’ is not in the package list (have you downloaded it yet?”

Thanks for the responses!

Before you can run “install-robotpy”, you need to first run “download-robotpy”.

The RobotPy installer splits the download process and the install process into two different commands. This allows you to download the necessary files while you have internet access, and install them to your robot when you may not have internet access.

I will try that tomorrow. Thanks a bunch for all the help!

  1. You should post in the python forum next time, then your question is easier to find :slight_smile:
  2. If you download one of the robotpy release packages from github, the zipfile already has everything downloaded for you, and you won’t run into this error. However, if you run ‘download-robotpy’, that does pretty much the same thing.

In python 3.4 on Windows, python does not add the ‘python’ executable to the PATH, but the ‘py’ executable is. The py executable discovers all the pythons on your system and picks the right one to execute.