Robotpy-installer download failing

I switched to a windows 7 computer and I am now experiencing the same issues trying to install robotpy-ctre on the rio. I ran the command
py -3 robotpy-installer download robotpy-ctre and got problems with no robotpy-build and all that again. Shouldn’t the wheels for windows be built?

Yes, Windows should work fine, as long as you’re using a 64-bit version of Python.

py -m pip install -U pyfrc robotpy-ctre

Will install local packages on Windows. If you get a 404 file not found error, you are using a 32-bit Python and need to install a 64-bit python instead.

Note that WPILib et al works fine on a 32-bit python (and we release precompiled wheels for them), but CTRE only releases a 64-bit build of their libraries, so CTRE would not work on 32-bit python.

That command worked but the subsequent installation on the rio fails on trying to build the dependencies still. Running robotpy-installer install-robotpy works fine. It seems like robotpy-hal and those things are working but the install of ctre keeps dying.
"No matching distribution found for robotpy-build<2021.0.0>=2020.1.8

Oh, I see! Sorry, misunderstood. There’s two commands, download and download-opkg. You need to use download-opkg for ctre.

Ah, okay I will try that. Why use opkg for this particularly?

‘download’ grabs packages from pypi, and pypi doesn’t accept Linux wheels that aren’t manylinux compliant.

Honestly, robotpy-installer should be intelligent enough to figure out what we have in opkg and what we don’t have in opkg and then download the right thing, but nobody has taken the time to do that yet. I’ve also been considering switching entirely to wheels, but there are some native dependency issues there also.

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