RobotPy support is back!

To get all these features make sure you upgrade to the latest version of pyfrc!

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Thank you for these, they are awesome. I have two questions.

  1. I have tried most of the physics examples, and they just work :slight_smile: However, the navx-turn-to-angle does not seem to (the arcade seems to, but I do not have a controller with me right now to fully test it). I get the following error.
    self.engine.update_sim(now, tm_diff)
  File "C:\Users\*\Documents\Robotics\RobotPy\examples\navx-rotate-to-angle\", line 43, in update_sim
    vx, vy, vw = self.drivetrain.get_vector(lf_motor, lr_motor, rf_motor, rr_motor)
AttributeError: 'MecanumDrivetrain' object has no attribute 'get_vector'

I updated pyfrc, and attempted to update the navx libraries; did I forget to update something else?

  1. I noticed that you all have been working on the characterization tool. In order to use it, we need to use it to build a java robot file correct? We are ready to begin using that in the near future, and I want us to do it correctly.

Thank you all again, this update is incredibly helpful (and timely, yesterday, our team members started customizing auto routines with the state-machine class. Now they can continue to do so in sim while the build team perfects mechanisms on the hardware).

  1. Forgot to update that example, it’s fixed now.
  2. The robot characterization tool started as a RobotPy project, but is now an official wpilib project. I believe the current version of the tool generates Java code that you can use for the characterization process.
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