Robotpy sim networktable connection to frcvision Raspberry Pi

I can get the latest Raspberry Pi frcvision to connect and talk to a program running on a roboRio, but it doesn’t want to connect to a program running on the robotpy sim. The sim seems to have networktables connection, but not to the raspberry pi. I can send values to a datatable from the sim but not from the raspberry pi. Has anybody else tried this and gotten it to work?

The problem is that in simulation mode, while the simulated robot code is still acting as a NetworkTables server, it’s not at a location where frcvision as a client knows where to connect to it (e.g. it’s not at roborio-TEAM-frc.local, or 10.TE.AM.2, etc, it’s at your desktop’s IP address). Unfortunately, while NetworkTables itself can be given an arbitrary server IP address to connect to, this functionality is not currently exposed on the frcvision settings page. If you’re running a custom vision application, however, you can set the server IP manually in your vision code by calling StartClient()/SetServer() instead of StartClientTeam()/SetServerTeam().

I’ve opened an issue for adding this feature, and will look at fixing it for 2020.

Yep, we do happen to be using a custom vision application, and that worked like a charm! We replaced the line “ntinst.startClientTeam(team)” with “ntinst.startClient(server)” where server was a string of the ipaddress of the laptop on the robot network. Thanks so much!