Robotpy support for VMX-pi

Team 6517 here.
We are a small, python based, team from South-Knoxville. Currently our team is split into sub-teams, but we’d like for every sub-team members to be experienced with programming and prototyping designs. However, current costs for setting up multiple prototype boards is way out of our budget. To minimize costs, we are trying to setup prototype boards using VMX-pi for each subsystem; Even though it’s still expensive, it comparably less than using multiple robo-Rios, and it’s really valuable for our students as they are able to come up with quick prototypes.
As a low resource team, how much hassle are we looking into setting up robotpy with VMX-pi? Does it require us setting up HAL, wrappers for the Standard Library? and lastly, is this a viable thing for a low resource team to pursue?

We would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank You.

As I understand, Kauai Labs have a version of the WPILib HAL for the VMX-pi. In that case, you should be able to take RobotPy, replace the roboRIO HAL with the VMX-pi HAL (in the robotpy-hal-roborio package) and start using wpilib without any other changes.