RobotPy usage

Is robotpy legal?, i mean, can i use it for the FRC competition?

We have used RobotPy for the last two years, and will continue to in the future. It is legal and works, except you will not be able to get help with it at competitions if something breaks. I’m not a programmer, but I was told that we use it because the simulation is very good.

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What’s funny is we went to a mini regional this year with labview. Got stuck on something and couldn’t find anyone to help, but we did find python help :stuck_out_tongue:

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At this point, having worked with Java, Kotlin, C++, and Python for FRC, I generally will go to an event with the rule “if it isn’t LabVIEW, I can help”


RobotPy is perfectly legal to use for FRC, the distinction you’re looking for is “legal” versus “supported”. In theory, LV, C++ and Java all have full CSA support at competitions. In practice, this varies a lot region to region and some areas may actually have an overwhelming number of CSAs that know RobotPy.

I’d personally caution against it, but if it’s something you want to do there’s no rule prohibiting it.


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